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Vietnam - New Rules for Wireless Devices

Posted on February 19th 2017 by

Effective on February 14, 2017, Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) newly released Circular 46/2016/TT-BTTTT came into effect.  Please see below for important changes found in the new Circular:

  1. Output power limit for WLAN products operating in 2400 – 2483.5 MHz is increased from 100 mW to 200 mW.
  2. For UHF RFID, the band 920-925 MHz is changed to 918-923 MHz.*
  3. Wireless charging technology is permitted on the following frequency bands: 9 - 148.5 kHz, 326.5 kHz, 340 kHz, 6.765 - 6.795 MHz.
  4. 924-925 MHz is no longer available for Cordless Telephones.
  5. A new band of 4200-4800 MHz is allocated to ultra-wide band devices.
  6. New bands are allocated to frequency alerting and detecting devices.
  7. New bands are allocated to wireless audio devices for hearing assistance.
  8. New bands are allocated to Equipment Automatic Identification (AIS).
  9. New bands are allocated to Automatic identification equipment development report for search and rescue (AIS-SART).

All RFID products currently approved for and using the band 920-925 MHz are allowed to be continuously imported, distributed and used in Vietnam until the expiration dates of their respective Type Approval certificates.  There is no impact on existing Type Approval certificates issued based on current Circular 03. For new applications, Type Approval certificates will be granted based on the Circular 46.

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