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Getting your EMC Design Right with Rhein Tech

It’s hardly business as usual right now, but we have a responsibility to minimize the disruption to productivity and opportunity. EMC product design is a team effort, and even under the best of circumstances, it’s more than challenging to meet your milestones, stay on budget, and deliver on time.

Rhein Tech Laboratories’ schematics and PCB design review services eliminate the risk of non-compliance from your product design process, costly mitigation/retesting cycles, and inevitable production delays.

In light of the restrictions currently in place, we’ve transitioned to providing these services remotely using Webex.

Our schematics and PCB design services are tailored to the status of your design. Your company will realize the greatest benefits by engaging us before the design process begins; our services offer value at any point in your design process, even when the design is complete.

Rhein Tech’s remote schematics and PCB design review services:

  • Ensure your design process yields a compliant product on the first try

  • Provide access to an invaluable technical and regulatory knowledge base

  • Maximize return on investment with a shorter time-to-market

  • Increase performance and reliability of products in most EMC environments.

The Challenge of Successful Product Design

Shown here is a typical EMC product design process that often does not produce the intended results. Worse yet, you don’t even learn this until very late in the process, because the most critical evaluation of your design’s EMC integrity and overall compliance doesn’t occur until the EMC testing stage, after the design’s locked and resources are expended. And now your product design process can be stuck in a loop, forcing:

  • Mitigation or eventual redesign

  • Retesting at EMC laboratories

  • Unbudgeted product development expenses

  • Delayed product release and potential loss of market share.

Remote Schematics and PCB Design Review Services That Ensure Compliance

Keep your designs out of the loop of EMC testing and mitigation by adding Rhein Tech’s remote schematics and PCB design review services to your design process.

Rhein Tech engineers have extensive training and experience in various aspects of product development, with emphasis on compliance engineering, and knowledge of regulatory standards, specifications, and limits for the FCC, ISED Canada, RED, CE, Japan, MIL-STDs, DO160, and many others.

Based on the agreed-upon checkpoints in your design process, Rhein Tech engineers will:

  • Evaluate your schematics and PCB designs in detail with emphasis on EMI/EMC compliance

  • Assess the design elements and parameters against the relevant standards and limits

  • Issue a report with recommendations to ensure EMC compliance

  • Suggest design optimization methods to increase immunity and decrease interference.

Get it Right the First Time

If your EMC product design process is controlling your company, instead of you controlling it, it’s time to take action. We’re confident that Rhein Tech’s schematics and PCB design review services can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your EMC product design efforts. So stop wasting valuable time and resources!

Please email us at and tell us about your EMC product design with a brief technical overview of your product. We’ll sign your company’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to facilitate a review of your schematics and PCB design, to ensure your product will comply with any EMC regulatory standards without the need for mitigation.    

Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc. (RTL) is a full-service design and compliance engineering test laboratory offering EMC and Radio (RF) testing, Military and Aviation, Industrial, Scientific and Medical, Automotive, Electrical Safety, Shielding Effectiveness, Site Surveys, and Radar Cross Section & High Range Resolution measurements.

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