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ISED Canada Permissive Changes

Question: How should we proceed with respect to the Canadian certification for our wireless device following changes we’ve made to it?

Answer: Without knowing the changes made or any impact on the radio characteristics reported in the original certification, we refer you to ISED Canada RSP-100 Certification of Radio Apparatus and Broadcasting Equipment for some background information and guidance.

Section 10, Modification of Certified Products, lists the permitted modifications and other criteria for a Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4 permissive change respectively in order to assist in identifying the correct path forward.

Sections 11 – 11.4 list the specific details and documentation requirements to support each permissive change class to facilitate the application process or the internal archive process as applicable.   

RSP 100, Form C – Document checklist for certification, is linked within Section 11 for easy access to a list of required documents for the different ISED Canada certification procedures, including C1PC/C2PC, C3PC/C4PC, New Certification, New Family Certification, and others described in RSP-100.

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