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ISED Publishes RSS-222, Issue 2--White Space Devices

On January 24, 2020, ISED published RSS-222, Issue 2--White Space Devices, which supersedes Issue 1 (2015). Following are the chief changes:

  • The sections on RSS-102 and RSP-100 have been removed and can be found in RSS-Gen.

  • White space frequency bands have been revised.

  • The following items have been included: e.i.r.p. and associated conducted power limits, power spectral densities, and conducted adjacent channel emission limits.

  • Certification and licensing requirements have been addressed in a newly added section.

  • Additional channel bonding requirements have been included.

  • A transition period for certification has been included.

  • The measurement section on multiple antennas has been removed and can be found in RSS-Gen or ANSI C63.10

  • The description of alternate geolocation determination has been included as a requirement for the test report.

  • A dependency requirement for the power level of a mode I personal/portable device has been included (only when the controlling device is limited to 40 mW).

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