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ISED Releases RSS-310, Issue 5

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

On January 9, 2020, ISED released RSS-310, Issue 5, License-Exempt Radio Apparatus: Category II Equipment, which supersedes the 4th issue. Following are the updates:

  • The requirements for devices operating in the 24 – 24.25 GHz band were removed. These devices are now required to be certified under RSS-210, License-Exempt Radio Apparatus: Category I Equipment.

  • The resource regarding electronic labelling of equipment has been removed and can be found in RSS-Gen.

  • The requirements for Category II receivers have been removed and can be found in RSS-Gen.

  • The exemption from any requirement for infrared wireless devices has been removed.

  • The requirements for AC wire carrier current devices have been revised.

Notes: You can refer to RSS-Gen. for the text needed for user manuals.

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