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Best EMI Practices to Mitigate MIL-STD-461 CS114 Susceptibility Failures on Power & Interface Ports

CS114 in Military Standard MIL-STD-461 G is a standard for military equipment, and compliance is required for equipment to be used in military applications. It applies conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) on the power leads and I/O cables, during which the equipment under test operating functionality is observed and monitored. While coupling the CS114 stimuli, if the EUT functions correctly, it meets the test method.

Take the following to mitigate CS114:

  1. Use a high-quality, shielded cable in which the shield (braid or foil) terminates 360-three-hundred and sixty-degrees with the back shelf to reduce the amount of EMI entering the equipment through the power and interface ports cables.

  2. Implement EMI filters on the equipment's power input and the interface port cables to reduce the amount of CS114 stimuli coupling to the equipment input/output ports.

  3. Use a ferrite bead on the power cable to suppress high-frequency CS114 stimuli coupling on the input/output ports.

  4. Ground the equipment properly to reduce the amount of conducted EMI that enters the equipment through the power leads.

  5. Use a power conditioner to regulate the voltage and reduce the amount of conducted EMI that enters the equipment through the power leads.

We recommended reviewing the standard and consulting with our experienced electromagnetic and design engineers for more detailed information about mitigating any CS114-related susceptibility you may be experiencing.

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