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General steps to follow when performing a PDN simulation using signal integrity analysis software

The following are an example of steps to follow using signal integrity analysis software:

  1. Create a schematic of your power distribution network (PDN), including all power components, voltage regulators, decoupling capacitors, and power/ground planes.

  2. Define the electrical parameters for all components in your schematic, such as resistance, inductance, and capacitance.

  3. Define your simulation's voltage and current sources, including the input and load currents.

  4. Choose the simulation type and settings, such as DC, AC, or transient analysis.

  5. Run the simulation and analyze the results, including voltage drop, current flow, and impedance.

  6. As necessary, iterate on your design and simulation, changing the schematic or parameters until you achieve the desired PDN performance.

Note: The above is only an overview of the steps in simulating a PDN using signal integrity analysis application software. Consult the signal integrity analysis software documentation and tutorials for more detailed information on performing a PDN simulation using the application software.

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