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UKCA Mark Update

What is the deadline for adding the UKCA mark to our wireless products destined for the United Kingdom?

At this time, there is no longer a designated deadline for UKCA mark placement on wireless products destined for the UK. The deadline for UKCA mark implementation was scheduled for December 31, 2024 after its initial extension from December 31, 2022.

Instead, the UK government is extending its recognition of the CE marking for placing most goods on the market in the UK. The UKCA mark is still required for some goods.

On August 1, 2023 the UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT) announced the indefinite extension to the implementation date for the UKCA mark for 18 regulations they own.

Per the DBT, this decision reflects the drive toward smarter regulations to facilitate growth and to lower cost and time to market for the benefit of both businesses and consumers.

The extension applies to the following 18 DBT regulations, randomly grouped for space:

  • electromagnetic compatibility; radio equipment; low voltage electrical equipment;

  • aerosols; pyrotechnics; equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX);

  • toys; recreational craft and personal watercraft; equipment for use outdoors;

  • simple pressure vessels; pressure equipment; lifts; machinery; gas appliances;

  • non-automatic weighing instruments; measuring instruments; measuring container bottles;

  • personal protective equipment (PPE)

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