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Update on TCBC Spring Workshop

The Telecommunications Certification Body Council (TCBC) is hosting its spring 2020 Workshop from April 6 – 9 at the Marriott Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. This four-day event will include workshops on Basic Training to provide personnel with knowledge on FCC/ISED requirements. The FCC recently announced that it will not participate in-person at this event; rather, it will participate via Web Stream. The agenda is as follows: Tuesday, April 7

  • NIST - MRA Updates 

  • ISED Updates 

  • EMC for Medical Devices

  • Blockchain Technology in Laboratory and Certification Body Operations 

  • RoHS and Energy Efficiency Approval Requirements

  • KDB Sharing Session

Wednesday, April 8

  • TCB Council Membership Meeting 

  • FCC Updates 

  • FCC General Admin Issues and Policies 

  • FCC EMC and Technical Standards 

  • FCC RF Exposure Discussions 

  • FCC Roundtable Discussion 

  • FCC Meeting with TCBs

Thursday, April 9

  • China SRRC, Indonesia SDPPI, and India BIS Introductions 

  • REDCA Updates 

  • Challenges of Opening Access to Spectrum Above 100 GHz

  • 5G Testing Updates 

  • Wideband mmWave Measurement from 50 GHz - 1.5 THz

  • Conformity Assessment Programs for Cybersecurity Risk Management 

  • Modular Approvals Status 

  • Determining Electromagnetic Exposure Compliance of Multi-Antenna Devices in Linear Time

  • ANSI C63.19 HAC & RSS-HAC Status & Updates 

  • Novel Definition of Minimum Distance for Accurate Far-Field Testing 

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